In July, dscout featured its first Web Clinic. We drew in hundreds of users interested in the cool studies dscout can do, and how we do them.

In this online event, we featured the Magic Button case study as a fun yet potent example of a moments-based mobile diary study

Want to see how we did it, and why it's a methodology worth learning? Now you can. Here's the recording:

Watch the Web Clinic


Discover what happened when we gave real people a mental prop with a specific use: a Magic Button to "purchase" a solution to their most immediate need--in the moment that need arose.

You'll see how we designed and fielded the study, how the moments came in, and the five modes of behavior that emerged from recording 486 of those moments. 

First, you get 25-min. on how-to implement moments-based research with remote ethnography, then a 10-min. Q&A. 

It can be challenging to grasp the structure and power of moments-based mobile diaries... until you've seen one in action! It will be 35-minutes very well spent.