The Top 10 Ways we Made dscout Better, Faster and Easier to Use in 2018

The dscout Tip Sheet

Leverage powerful tools for researchers in the dscout platform

New dscout Features Make Collaborating with Your Team Easier Than Ever

In-context insights with dscout

Announcing dscout Live

Talk to scouts. In context. Anywhere. Anytime.

dscout Raises $7.5 Million Series B Funding Round

Platform helps companies better understand people's experience in the context of everyday life

Spotting patterns in qualitative data with the Analysis tab

A new dscout Diary for 2018

Great research leads to great partners

Announcing dscout’s partnership with Periscope by McKinsey

The mobile one-way mirror

Mobile stimulus/response questions in your remote ethnography toolkit

Test. Rinse. Repeat.

Bringing an iterative approach to your qualitative research projects

Having empathy, seeking empathy: How we built our new builder

dscout’s product VP gets meta on research and product design

Defending against the White Walkers

A primer for researchers on the security of your dscout data

“Everyone who isn’t us is the enemy.”

dscout + privacy: How we protect our scouts’ information

Introducing new Assisted Projects

A new bundle of research services from dscout

3 platform updates for easier, faster analysis

Try and See: New menus, filters and search features

Qualitative research quotes and verbatims

Introducing instant cut-and-paste magic

Managing Scouts: Easier, Faster, Smarter

Less time managing, more power analyzing

A Snippet by Any Other Name is Just an Entry

A simpler lexicon for a simpler first-time user experience

New Feature: Entries by Scout

See every scout’s submissions all in one place

dscout + fitbit @ UX Week 2016

Learn the power of moments-based research

New Feature: Automated Mission Summaries

They're not just for screeners anymore!

Filters Have a New Address

Faster, simpler filters increase speed to insight

Longer Video, Deeper Insights

The 60-second video option arrives

Localize your research on the dscout app

dscout now available in six additional languages

Android Update Simplifies Scout Participation

New design and features keep communication flowing

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