dscout + fitbit @ UX Week 2016

Learn the power of moments-based research

Words by Kari Dean McCarthy
Thursday 21 July 2016

Critical Moments:
A Hands-On Experience With Digital Ethnography


In this workshop, we will introduce the concept of moments-based research and walk through a practitioner-focused primer on the why, what, when and how of adopting this methodology. We will present real-world examples, and a hands-on exercise with a real data-set that will leave participants with an understanding of the amazing access and insight this emerging approach can yield, as well as the ability to apply it to their own work. 


Michael winnick uxweek16 Katy mogal uxweek16

Michael Winnick
Founder, CEO
dscout, Inc.

Katy Mogal
Director, Design Research & UX Research


We design in screens and interactions, but people’s experiences occur in moments.

Whether users experience our products and services for the first time or the hundredth time, there are pivotal instances when things really resonate and others where they totally break down. While many designers and design researchers now have access to analytics data that shows us people’s behaviors in relation to our products, that data can’t tell us about their reactions, their attitudes, and their pain points in those moments. We can ask them about it later, but users are notoriously unreliable at reporting their own feelings and desires after the fact.

To bridge this gap, new digital tools enable us to understand longitudinal user journeys and critical moments along the way. Digital ethnography tools, based on analog user diaries of the past, offer us an unprecedented opportunity to capture the critical instances of interaction with products and services that determine how they resonate – or why they don’t – as they unfold in real time.

Kari Dean McCarthy

Kari Dean McCarthy

Kari Dean McCarthy is strategic brand and communications director, award-winning filmmaker, and gnocchi expert.

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