Add Tag Groups and Tags

 Tags are a way to code, cull, and organize the contextual data collected by dscout. Tags live at the entry level, allowing for multiple tags (and tag groups) to be applied to any one entry. Once your tag list is populated, it's very easy to apply them to all of your entries.

Navigate to any part's entry. On the lower-right, click Tags to open the tag editor and viewer. First, create the group by selecting New Tag Group and give it a name (which is editable). Second, add a tag to that group by clicking the + and, once again, providing a name. Finalize the tag by either clicking the check mark or keying the Enter/Return key.

Once you've applied the commensurate tags to the entry, click the right arrow or key the right arrow on your keyboard to move to the next entry and continue tagging.

Last updated 11-8-2018


Add Observers to Your Live Interviews

Stakeholders interested in watching your interview in real time? Need collaborators to help generate in-session questions? Training new researchers on your team?

Use dscout Live's observers feature!


Here’s how:

  • Step 1 — Add your observers’ emails to your project via the “Add Collaborators” button. Only collaborators on a project can be added as observers.
  • Step 2 — Select a Moderator from the dropdown list before starting your Live session. You’ll find the dropdown in the MANAGE tab of your Live mission.
  • Step 3 — Share the session link with your observers by clicking the ‘Copy Link” text, OR have them navigate to the Live mission and click “Join as Observer.”

    Scouts will only see the moderator during the Live call. Observers and the moderator can chat; there are separate chat windows for moderator-to-scout and moderator-to-observers conversations. Observers can create their own in-call clips and notes during the session separate from ones created by the moderator (all clips will populate in the same post-interview session dashboard, marked according to creator).

Last updated 10-25-2018