One of our customers' favorite dscout features is the plethora of participant thoughts, feelings, and ideas that arise in every mission. Answers to open-ended questions produce so many typed, organized verbatims to choose from! So, so, so many.

Creating any deliverable usually includes an intensive game of cut-and-paste to pepper slide decks and tell stories. But scooping up just the right quotes can take more than its fair share of time.

One of dscout's favorite things to do is make laborious tasks faster and easier. And with that, we introduce Cut and Paste Magic! 

Check it out: copy-paste-magic-1024.gif

 How to make the magic:

1. Select text in any open-ended question with your cursor. (This feature isn't available on video transcripts yet.)

2. Copy it. The text, along with scout and mission information, are transferred to your clipboard.

3. Paste into any document. The source text appears, along with the mission name, entry ID number, and the scout's name, age, and location.

You can take those instructions....verbatim!