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Their cool new discoveries still start in the physical world

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a dscout People Nerds interview with Troika's Susan Kresnicka

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Did Duo's Android app live up to real user expectations?

80% of urgent needs require a magic button

Research captures 486 retail tech moments and the meaning of “now”

Pokémon Go: An AR Lens into Our Inner Kid

dscout's study on who's behind this summer's phenomenon

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First-time users react to Stories, and compare it to the ephemeral Snapchat

Fitbit: Tranforming user insights into business value

a dscout People Nerds interview with Fitbit's Katy Mogal

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dscout gathers real talk from first-time users

Managing Scouts: Easier, Faster, Smarter

Less time managing, more power analyzing

A Snippet by Any Other Name is Just an Entry

A simpler lexicon for a simpler first-time user experience

STUDY DESIGN: The Magic Button Diaries

How to gain insights with real-time remote research

WATCH THE CLINIC: The Magic Button Case Study

How to get real-time insights with a remote diary

New Feature: Entries by Scout

See every scout’s submissions all in one place

dscout + fitbit @ UX Week 2016

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Digging into user understanding without a discussion guide

I, Phone?

The 13 million moments that mattered…or didn’t.

Putting a Finger on Our Phone Obsession

Mobile touches: a study on humans and their tech

New Feature: Automated Mission Summaries

They're not just for screeners anymore!

Filters Have a New Address

Faster, simpler filters increase speed to insight

Longer Video, Deeper Insights

The 60-second video option arrives

Protein Bar research aims for focus feasts

In-the-moment research helps deliver a tasty menu

Measuring user moments with a menu

how dscout flavored Protein Bar's new brand launch

The selfie matters

strategies to recruit mobile research participants

Low-anxiety launching

a guide to eating your own dog food, and surviving it.

Friends and family… What the FUX?

Art Center x dscout

students dive into dscout’s version of digital ethnography

Project Ara: Co-creation research at scale

dscout and participatory design

Sprint: First impressions of Instagram

dscout gathers real talk from first-time users

Is the Minimum Actually Viable?

know the linchpin for your next product launch

Localize your research on the dscout app

dscout now available in six additional languages

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Adding inspiration and simulations to your research arsenal

Research that works in the wild

tips to improve your mobile research design

Gen Z’s superpower wish: Stop the Clocks

(And other things you didn’t think at 16)

So long, shop-along

a handful of insights for an industry full of change

Experience design and the creative revolution

a dscout People Nerds interview with Dan Makoski

Superhero capes in the researcher's wardrobe

a dscout People Nerds interview with Catherine Lovazzano

Android Update Simplifies Scout Participation

New design and features keep communication flowing

Relevance trumps usability

One simple question reveals what matters most to new users

Barriers, bravery and bullying

helping the Ad Council capture moments of teen candor

Cracking the Qualitative Research Code

How to get quant credibility for your qual insights

in the moment
musings about modern research by dscout

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